Business English


Unit 1 Present simple and continuous, talk about first impressions, professionalism, reputation, innovation, introduce yourself by email, make a follow-up call, arrange to meet a business contact, exchange contact details, make business connections and talk about your work and company

Unit 2 Question form review, talk about motivation at work, incentive scheme, annual bonus, staff morale, make small talk, exit a conversation politely, use questions to find out information, develop conversation, solve staffing problems

Unit 3 Present perfect and past simple, talk about managing projects, unrealistic budget, ahead of schedule, budget constraints, ask for/ give an update in meeting, make and respond to suggestions, catch up with colleagues, update on current projects, organize a road show

Unit 4 Present, past and future ability, phrasal verbs, talk about ideas and innovations, technological breakthrough, revolutionary idea, present an idea, product or service, thank someone and respond to thanks, invest in a new idea

Unit 5 Direct and indirect questions, talk about customer service, courteous, substandard, exceed expectations, deal with customers, reassure and sympathize, use direct and indirect questions to with customers service problems

Unit 6 Talking about the future, talk about ethical business, act responsibly, reduce the impact, credibility, explain plans and arrangements, invite and recommend, respond to spontaneous invitations, talk about the future, promote ethical business

Unit 7 Countability, express quantity,  talk about personality and decision making, rational instinctive, consider all the options, participate in a decision-making meeting, talk about social plans, improving services and facilities, resolve an expansion crisis 

Unit 8 The passive, talk about outsourcing, offshore location, streamline operation, achieve lower overheads, present factual information, apologize and respond to apologies, talk about a law or regulation in your country, make a case for outsourcing 

Unit 9 First and second conditionals, talk about change jobs, keeping staff, early retirement, relocation, job mobility, ways of keeping staff, negotiate solutions, make and respond to quick requests, negotiate a secondment, negotiate a repatriation package 

Unit 10 Present perfect simple and continuous, adverb + adjective, talk about starting up a new business, gap in the market, start-up capital, ask about work and life, ask a favour, avoid saying ‘no’, talk about activities and results, use contacts to help in business

Unit 11 Modal verbs – obligation and prohibition, talk about communications, collaborate with, have access to, word families, explain procedures, use teleconferencing phrases, deal with situations on the phone, talk about obligations at work, solve a communication problem

Unit 12 Future continuous, future perfect and probability, phrasal verbs, talk about change, resist, react, ambivalent, present future plans, be negative diplomatically, talk about future activities and developments, increase operational efficiency 

Unit 13 Reported speech review, talk about numbers and trends, just over, slightly less than, rise substantially, ask for and explain factual and numerical information, talk about news at work, report what someone has said, reach target markets online

Unit 14 Narrative tenses – past continuous, past simple, past perfect, talk about cultural differences, hierarchical, risk-taking, sensitive to, narrate past events, give and explanation, talk about films, TV and books, talk about past events, investigate an intercultural communication problem

Unit 15 Third and mixed conditionals, prefect modals, phrasal verbs, talk about staff appraisals, monitor performance, address issues, assessment criteria, discuss and evaluate performance, make people feel relaxed, talk about hypothetical past events, overcome business setbacks

Unit 16 -ing form and infinitive, talk about taking a career break, (new) perspective, career development, present a personal case, talk about taking time off, review your situation at work, apply for a placement./.

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