Business English


Unit 1 Present simple, company facts produce, specialize in, head office, competitor, employee; talk about what companies do, talk about your company, make polite request, introduce yourself and others 

Unit 2 Present continuous, describe your job and the people you work with, talk about work activities, give phone numbers and spell names, make and receive telephone calls, deal with a public relations crisis 

Unit 3 Asking questions, welcome visitors, talk about company structure, in charge of, responsible for, sales and marketing, human resources, present visual information

Unit 4 Past simple, show interest, give report, talk about new products and the stages in their development, launch, do market research, do product trials, economical, practical

Unit 5 Present perfect, delegate work, discuss progresss and projects, job benefits and employment procedures, annual bonus, maternity leave, paid holiday, apply for, fill in a form, describe personal experiences

Unit 6 Comparisons, respond to complaints, talk about customer services, customer satisfaction, meet the needs of customers, deal with complaints, keep in your delivery dates, dissatisfied, loyal, ask for and give opinions

Unit 7 Countable and uncountable nouns, talk about travel, check in, departure lounge, delay, facilities, key card, ask for travel information, report to a company reception, make small talk and develop a conversation

Unit 8 Present continuous going to and will for plans, arrangements and decisions, talk about orders and deliveries, place an order, purchase goods, process an order, in stock, make arrangement, make and respond to suggestions, talk about the future 

Unit 9 Modal verbs for obligation, necessity and permission, talk about sales and marketing, enter a market, improve market share, advertising campaign, word-of-mouth, interupt and avoid interuption, advertising laws, control the discussion in meetings 

Unit 10 The passive, talk about green initiatives, affordable, convenient, environmentally friendly, popular, initiative, ask for clarification, give a formal presentation, talk about inovative practices

Unit 11 First conditional, talk about corporate entertainment, purpose, event, host company, venue, budget, entertain clients, food and drink, future possibilities, make and respond to invitations and offers, organize a successful corporate event 

Unit 12 Present perfect, talk about performance, achieve sales targets, manage costs, perform well, socially responsible, safety, record, say large and approximate numbers, present and past performance, describe trends

Unit 13 Furture predictions, talk about global issues, global demand, economic development, world supply, predict, forecast, run out, make predictions, respond to ideas, predict future trends, modernize a company

Unit 14 Second conditional, talk about managing time, waste time, meet a deadline, save time, on time, plan your schedule, use time expressions, negotiate conditions, speculate and discuss consequences, talk about new schedules

Unit 15 Modal verbs for giving advice, talk about personal development and training, improve performance, set goals, motivate, give feedback, develop skills, say thank you and respond, show understanding and suggest solutions, give advice

Unit 16 Revision of grammar and tenses, talk about ambitions and careers, career path, make a decision, concentrate on, give up, strenths, weaknesses, challenge, say goodbye, give a personal presentataion./.

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