Business English


Unit 1 Present simple review, frequency adverbs, describing work and responsibilities , rewarding, stressful, challenging, introductions and saying what you do, routine activities, express interest, speed networking

Unit 2 Present simple and continuous, talk about projects, ahead of schedule, meet the deadline, teamwork, resources, current activities, update and delegate tasks, start and end phone calls, plan a launch party

Unit 3 Past simple and present perfect, talk about work-life balance, take time off, work flexitime, relaxing, leisure, likes and dislikes, past experiences, exchange contact details, how to end a conversation politely

Unit 4 Comparative forms, talk about services and systems, convenient, user friendly, it allows me to, explain how something works, compare new with old, introduce information, make comparisons, improve systems

Unit 5 Present simple and continuous for future use, talk about customer service, expectations, satisfaction, evaluate needs, get information, make and change arrangements, start a conversation on the phone, manage customer feedback, talk about the future

Unit 6 Obligation, necessity, and prohibition, talk about business travel, hospitality, venue, check in, welcome visitors, make and respond to offers, work rules and regulations, solve an intercultural problem

Unit 7 Present perfect simple and continuous, connectors, talk about change and consequences at work, security in the workplace, safeguard against, prevent… from, security breach, explain and ask about changes, introduce and respond to news, improve data security

Unit 8 Going to, will, modal verbs, talk about future goals, working in teams, teamwork and partnerships, join forces, complementary skills, present and discuss plans, encourage people, create a plan for effective teamwork

Unit 9 Reported speech, talk about logistics and supply chains, warehouse, inventory, in/out of stock, place and handle orders, leave a voicemail message, solve a logistics problem, report problems or disagreements 

Unit 10 Nouns and quantifiers, adverbs + adjectives, describe your place of work, well-equipped, cramped, make suggestions and recommendations, link ideas, talk about work facilities

Unit 11 First and second conditionals, talk about decision-making, put forward an idea, avoid confrontation, participate in a discussion, be persuative, talk about future possibilities 

Unit 12 Superlative forms, talk about innovation and new ideas, come up with, concept, prototype, extremes, give a formal presentation, respond to difficult questions and comments, present innovative products

Unit 13 Advice and recommendation too and enough, talk about breakdowns and faults, let someone down, incompatible, unreliable, discuss problems and offer advice, check someone understands, advise and recommend, manage a breakdown in service

Unit 14 Passive forms, talk about processes, basic procedure, first of all, having done, plan future contact, get someone’s attention, make and change future plans, describe processes, introduce new processes 

Unit 15 Past continuous and past perfect, talk about personal qualities, enthusiastic, dependable, creative, appraise performance and set objectives, give feedback, tell a story, talk about past events, give a successful presentation 

Unit 16 Contrasting language, talk about fact-finding and achievements, a significant breakthrough, a real triumph, report back on and evaluate research, generalize, use contrasting language./.

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