Business English


Unit 1 Tenses review, talk about cultural differences, report on research and use tenses correctly, introduce yourself to a group, work with multinational teams

Unit 2 Get your point across, compare career paths, manage the discussion, share ideas, express attitude to the past, the ‘gig’ economy, explain your opinion

Unit 3 Show understanding, discuss working practices, organizational change, give formal presentation about the future, speculate about future changes, deal with change 

Unit 4 Establish rapport, handle a corporate crisis, take part in a teleconference, reference using pronouns, plan for the Olympics, discuss company risks, facilitate conversation 

Unit 5 Add emphasis in negotiation, explore team relationships, avoid and deal with conflict, respond to feedback, problem solving in a team, discuss personalities 

Unit 6 Use adverbs to qualify attitudes, discuss factors for success, brainstorm ideas, use vague language, ethical consumption, discuss innovation, avoid giving direct answers

Unit 7 The future in the past, talk about training and learning, communication strategies, express dissatisfaction, learn by sharing, communicate effectively on the phone and talk about the future from a past perspective

Unit 8 Use questions, employer-employee expectations, give an impromptu presentation, deal with difficult questions, rethink annual performance reviews, discuss performance at work, give informal presentations 

Unit 9 Use conditionals, corporate social responsibility (CSR), discuss options, deal with misunderstandings, business education

Unit 10 Use the passive, talk about leadership styles, give a briefing, express personal views, lead your leaders, say how you feel about something

Unit 11 Participle clauses and inversion for emphasis and formality, talk about values using formal and emphatic language, reach agreement, raise a difficult point, blow the whistle

Unit 12 Discourse markers, persuasion and influence, sell an idea using discourse markers, give and respond to compliments./.

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