Business English


Unit 1 Present simple, company facts produce, specialize in, head office, competitor, employee; talk about what companies do, talk about your company, make polite request, introduce yourself and others 

Unit 2 Present continuous, describe your job and the people you work with, talk about work activities, give phone numbers and spell names, make and receive telephone calls, deal with a public relations crisis 

Unit 3 Asking questions, welcome visitors, talk about company structure, in charge of, responsible for, sales and marketing, human resources, present visual information

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Unit 1 Present simple review, frequency adverbs, describing work and responsibilities , rewarding, stressful, challenging, introductions and saying what you do, routine activities, express interest, speed networking

Unit 2 Present simple and continuous, talk about projects, ahead of schedule, meet the deadline, teamwork, resources, current activities, update and delegate tasks, start and end phone calls, plan a launch party

Unit 3 Past simple and present perfect, talk about work-life balance, take time off, work flexitime, relaxing, leisure, likes and dislikes, past experiences, exchange contact details, how to end a conversation politely

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Unit 1 Present simple and continuous, talk about first impressions, professionalism, reputation, innovation, introduce yourself by email, make a follow-up call, arrange to meet a business contact, exchange contact details, make business connections and talk about your work and company

Unit 2 Question form review, talk about motivation at work, incentive scheme, annual bonus, staff morale, make small talk, exit a conversation politely, use questions to find out information, develop conversation, solve staffing problems

Unit 3 Present perfect and past simple, talk about managing projects, unrealistic budget, ahead of schedule, budget constraints, ask for/ give an update in meeting, make and respond to suggestions, catch up with colleagues, update on current projects, organize a road show

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Unit 1 Tenses review, talk about cultural differences, report on research and use tenses correctly, introduce yourself to a group, work with multinational teams

Unit 2 Get your point across, compare career paths, manage the discussion, share ideas, express attitude to the past, the ‘gig’ economy, explain your opinion

Unit 3 Show understanding, discuss working practices, organizational change, give formal presentation about the future, speculate about future changes, deal with change

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